20-20 Phone Card: Users' Reviews

Good! - Very good
Reviewer: Baseera who calls Afghanistan
I like this card because the voice is very clear and it gives me the whole minutes it tells you... but if you can lower the rate for Afghanistan because no company is giving low rate for Afghanistan and I will always use this card... I love 20/20 card great card

Good! - Better than other cards
Reviewer: Mike who calls Nigeria, Uganda
This is okay card for above countries

Good! - Good Minutes to Trinidad cell
Reviewer: Deborah J who calls trinidad & tobago
This card gives good minutes when calling Trinidad & tobago - both cell and landline. It's best if you use it all at one time. You will lost $$ if you make multiple calls or use it one day and try again the next day

Excellent! - Pleasantly surprised
Reviewer: BC Caller who calls Cuba
Calling to Cuba is usually a nightmare. We have used 20/20 several times and have had few problems. Also the rate is very competitive.

Excellent! - Rating the card
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Democratic republic of Congo
Hi, I just wanted to say that this card is the best I have used. It gave me 42 minutes. Wow!

Bad! - A scam
Reviewer: David who calls Jamaica, El Salvador
10/10 phone cards are a rip-off. I bought a 20/20 card a week ago. I used it once and left it with a $4+ balance. I tried to use it again today and there was nothing left. Apparently they deduct 59 cents per day. Nowhere on the card is this reflected. I STRONGLY ADVISE AGAINST buying a 20/20 phone card.

Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Mexico
good conection , excellent time

Good! - Voice Clarity
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls London, England
This card is great however I find the voice clarity is not as good as some others.

Excellent! - You got to buy this!
Reviewer: Mary who calls India
I live in Newfoundland Canada and My Boyfriend bought me a few 20/20 calling cards so I can call him while he visited India for 2 months. Until now I have never had a reason to use them. The cards were the best thing invented. I have long distance calling so I thought that that I would get cheap reats from my Phone company but it was 20 cents a min to call there. With a $5 phone card I get 132 minutes to India and 489 minutes to Ontario. Now that I am running out of the cards that i bought I was looking them up on the internet and found a site where I can actually purchase them on line, even more convenient for me. I recommend them to anyone who wants to call long distance. Also as it says on the card no connection fee. Perfect.

Not bad! - Bad quality when calling cell phones
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Ukraine
Hate the fact that every day money are taken away for nothing.

Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Syria and Iraq
The voice is clear and it gives more minutes but still not enough

Excellent! - 20/20 is by far the best
Reviewer: dawn who calls Australia, and Canada
I've tried many cards, and of all of them, 20/20 is by far the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good phone connections, very reasonable rates, honesty about how much time is left on the card

Not bad!
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Lebanon
The voice quality was generally good, with a slight delay. The claim of 82 minutes for the $5 value is not true. Although only one call was made to Lebanon, the card only lasted 48 minutes.

Not bad! - Bad Minute Est.
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls costa rica
This phone card false advertises the minutes it provides. The automated speaker says I had over 190 minutes for a call, but the call ended after 117 minutes. Using this card for multiple calls is also a bad idea, as the minute reduction is even worse.

Waste of money - Very Bad, TERRIBLE
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Pakistan
Terrible service, trouble connecting, extremely bad reception... and a lot of busy signals.

Excellent! - long minutes and the communication is clear
Reviewer: LILY M. who calls philippines
I like 2020 card card because it has long minutes and the communication is clear(u can hear each other clearly).I'M VERY SATISFIED.